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With the objective of broadening the Konic range, Lamp launches a spotlight that is smaller than the current one, with a diameter of 165mm and a height of 90mm, ideal for low ceilings and for use in corridors and bathrooms. All of the models are class II and are available for compact fluorescent lamps of 13, 18, 26 and 32 Watts. The Minikonic models, except for the 32W one, all have integrated electronic ballast. There is also a model to be connected directly of 20W. Just as with the Konic family, there is a great variety of IP20 and IP54 accessories available in white and grey to meet all technical and decorative requirements.

MINI KONIC CLASE II downlight with metalized reflector Ø 165 mm

MINI KONIC downlight with electronic control gear enclosed and separated. Made of injected polycarbonate, interior and exterior frame in white. Equipped for one compact fluorescent lamps.
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